How to Apply Buff to All Creatures on Game Start?

I’m attempting to mod all creatures to give them new sleep mechanics, and after realizing that I can’t change all creatures’ parents at once via a mod, I’ve shifted my focus to applying the new mechanics via a buff. So far, when a creature has the buff, it works the way I intend, laying down to sleep at night and waking up at dawn, but I can’t figure out how to apply the buff to all loaded creatures at the start of the game.

I would assume modded dino’s so why not apply the buff to the dino’s at spawn?

No, vanilla dinos, as I’m trying to keep the mod stackable with others. I did realize that I don’t have to try to apply this buff though, a Total Conversion will do the job better than a mod, as I’ve discovered I can directly modify the dinos with it. Thank you for the response though!

Any luck with this one Stormreach? I would most definitely find this technique invaluable in some of my future mod attempts.

I’d make a separate object spawn after either the world ticks or an item is used, that then goes through and applies a buff to all creatures that don’t already have it. I’m using a similar tactic to make a settings notebook that modifies stats on-the-fly and it is working pretty effectively. I’ve not had to worry about memory management as much though, as I’m designing a TC so the communication between dinos and object is two-way, so the dinos can grab their settings from the object rather than the object having to update all dinos’ settings every few seconds. Memory management may be a problem for a strict one-way communication though, but I’m sure there’s a way to get around it.

Thank you Stormreach for taking the time to share your solution, glad you got it sorted. If only TC loaded quicker I’d also be using them… then again, maybe I’ve been doing my TCs wrong :).