How to apply bone transformation to all character animations?

I have a first person character with an animation blueprint that applies a rotation to the spine when the player looks up and down. This way the arms move with the camera. Unfortunately, when any animation is played, this transformation isn’t applied and the arms return to the original rotation for the duration of the montage. Is there a simple way to additively apply a simple bone rotation to ALL animations played on a character? What’s the best way to handle this? Please be specific, I’m a noob :slight_smile:

In the animgraph you specify when the nodes are applied by the order they appear in the graph. Eg the pose flows through the graph - this controls how the pose is created. If you want your bone modifications to apply to the montage, make sure the Montage Slot in the graph occurs before the bone modification.

Thank you - made me take another look at the anim graph - I was able to use the right combination of variables/selects to only apply my transformations when they should be applied, and just applying them directly before the output pose.