How to apply a progressive torque to a ball using Add Torque in Radians

I try to create an organic movement for a rolling ball using Add Torque in Radians. I manage to make it work with the camera view but the torque is too strong like ON/OFF and makes the ball spinning a lot. Do you have an idea on how I can apply a progressive torque or another way to do that?

ote: I already try Add Force but the behavior is not nice as *Add Torque in Radians

Use lower values or Add Torque in Degrees, increase the mass of the simulated object. As seen here:

Apart from that there’s also friction in the physical material, and angular dampening on the mesh.

And, if you require more fidelity, you could interpolate applied force for fine control, for example:

Same values with:

And without additional interpolation:

A.k.a. poor man’s clutch.