How to apply 1 material to a whole mesh like a stair

Hey I would like to know how i can apply a material to a full stairs in stead of click dragging it to each face.

Is there anyway to do this easy?

Cheers for helping.

Though it’s still probably better to use static meshes.

Cntrl B opens the content menu for me so it doesnt work :S And when i have the full stair selected and i drag and drop something on it it stil only picks that part.

And another question of me is it better to create things like a stair in Editors like blender? Or stick with Ue 4 for all the parts?

Select a face and over in the object properties section you’ll find options for selecting the other faces in one click. Then apply your material.

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yeah you can click on one surface of the stair for example then do a SHIFT B, it will choose all surfaces of the stairs then choose your material on the content browser and drag it to your stairs

And usually, Mesh are better than Brushes but to create meshes, you are better using an external program

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With out having to write a book.

Any kind of middleware solution is the way to go and using Blender qualifies.

Cheers for the answers guys :smiley: great community really loving it :smiley: