Hi my question is that i create a save game object and then store some info like player transform,ammo,health and use “save game to slot” node to save to the file i give like “savegame”.But when i save the game again i want my new data to be append in the file not overwrite the written data.How do i do that.Please tell me if anyone know.


I do t know if there is a function already made for that but what I would do is:

  1. Load the file and access the gamesave object the load savegame node outputs.
  2. On that gamesave object, set only the data members that you want to change.
  3. using that same gamesave object reference, save the file again.

This way the save file keeps the data you didnt change AND the data you did change

I think this can only be done if your playing the game.What i do is I save my scores in “game instance” then i press save game it saves the game and the scores are passed to savegame object’s variable.But when i stop the game and my scores are save but when i save again my previous save scores are over written.I think your method will only work if you are playing the game.

Yes it always overwrites. That’s why you need to copy the existing save file’s data to the gamesave object before adding the new values, before saving it.

This means i have to create 2 savegameobjects?

Not necessarily but you could do it that way, having a TempSaveObject variable to hold the current values, Load the file into MySaveObject, then copy just the values you want to overwrite from TempSaveObject to MySaveObject, and then save MySaveObject to the file.