How to animate the camera using Blueprints?

I’m working on 360 panoramic videos using the Export object plugin. 360 Panoramic Export Pipeline - Architecture - Epic Developer Community Forums

I’ve figured out to make the 360 video but I need to animate the camera like in these.

How to make the camera follow a path? I need to make this happen NOT in the matinee, but in play mode. I’ve gone through so many forums and tutorials but couldn’t find what I need.

Please be kind enough to look into my inquiry,
Thank you very much in advance.

if your not using matinee are you controlling the player? Otherwise you would definately want use matinee for this. But either way, you can have the camera attached to your player, then use a moveto node in event beginplay and have him move to the desired location, and you can change the speed in the character blueprints charactter Movement component.

I will check that. Thanks for the quick reply.

I am curious as to why you are trying to avoid matinee? If your camera is on a player blueprint, then even with matinee playing you should be able to follow a headsets movement in vr mode

The reason is, when using matinee, it doesn’t export the 360 HDR images. Only when I play the game, the HDR images are exported. I’ve attached the camera to the player but it doenn’t work the way I want. I want the camera to fly. I created a character BP and attached the camera. Still its not working.

can you please tell me, what is the node to use in the blueprint after attaching the camera to player?

Oh I think I have to move the scene capture cube…!!

Yes! Sorry i forgot you were using that. Again, you can use a play node in your level blueprint to play a matinee, or you can have the scene capture attached to your player, and use add controller yaw jnput and add input movement nodes to it

Thanks a lot. Will try it now!!

I figured it out!!! The martinee in the play mode worked. Thanks a lot!!!