How to animate skeletal mesh clothing in the editor

I’ve managed to do this a couple of times but cannot figure out the exact sequence to repeat it without a lot of trial and error.

I have a character mesh to which clothing can be added (meshes parented to the same skeleton).

When a character dies, a container corpse (see ARPGIS) is spawned in the shape of the last frame of the death animation. The corpse is a static mesh.

Prior to 4.14, these static death posed meshes had to be made in Blender, but now can be made in the animation tab of the editor. (New button)

The problem is that the character mesh is nude and we need the corpse, for obvious reasons, to have clothing.

I have managed to cause the clothing skeletal meshes to animate a couple of times by fiddling with various things in the AnimBP, Animation, and Mesh windows but can’t determine the exact sequence needed to reliably repeat the process.

Could someone clue me in on the proper procedure for this?

My suggestion (maybe unrelated to the issue, but it might have a positive side effect) is to avoid combining character with clothes in a way that nudity is possible at all. More efficient solution would be to design character meshes in a way that naked body parts are completely removed when clothes are added.