How to animate rotate actor to a specific direction

I have an actor blueprint and I want to simply animate rotate it to the direction (forward vector of another actor) when an event starts (for example : when I press E). I can find get forward actor node but I can’t find set forward vector node in blueprints.

I tried it by combining rotators and addLocalRotation with world delta second but the X, Y, and Z ( local ) directions are rotated at the same time so it doesn’t get the result I want.

I’ve search a lot on the internet but they are not as simple as I want to do and they all have their specific goals. Please help me with my problem.

Can anyone post me screen shots of simple blueprint nodes to just animate rotate the actor to a specific direction.

This will rotate the controlled pawn with the mouse if you set it in the player controller.

Make sure your pawn is a based on a character blueprint.