How to animate movement in cinematic(Ue5)

Hello, im just starting with engine(Ue5), and its awesome. My first “project” is cinematic of my metahuman walking towards camera that is goin backwards, i just want to learn some of camera movement, animations etc. Soo anyway i have a problem, i want to move my metahuman to some point, i find a way to do this by adding metahuman to sequencer, and just like a camera, adding a key frame to beggining of the track, and moving my metahuman to the designated point and then adding second key frame in the end of the track. Just like a camera, but i want to add animation of walking to my character, and there is a problem, when my character moves, the animation disable itself, on video below it is shown, can u give me a advice, maybe i need to do something entirley diffrent.(In video its mannequin, becaouse i tried something diffrent, but its the same problem).