How to animate custom guns with Character Interaction?

Hello guys! I’m new to Unreal Engine and I’m creating a western game on Unreal Engine 4.27.

So, my question is: I have the Character Interaction pack and wanted to add some more guns to it and animate them in the fps view, like: I want them to shoot, reload and stuff. I saw in the marketplace that there are a lot of rigged options, but how do I animate them inside Unreal and link those with Character Interaction Pack? Can anyone show me a good tutorial on that?


Hey @manzartes,

Hope you’re doing well!
While we wait for more specific answers to what you’re looking for, I’ve found a few bits of Unreal documentation that might help you in your first steps:

  1. Animation Learning Course (Learning Section)
  2. Animation Tools (Unreal Documentation)
  3. Unreal Engine Animation Webinar (Unreal Engine Official Youtube)

Hope these help you on your animation journey! Goodluck :slight_smile:

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Hey @PresumptivePanda!

Thanks man, I already saved all these links, they’re absolutely going to be very helpful for me! Thanks again :slight_smile: