How to animate a skill?

Hello everyone,

My last post didn’t get any traction, so I wanted to make a slimmer one that might be more easily answered. I’m wanting to make a character use a skill when I press the correct key, but I don’t know how to go about any of it.

The animation: the character lifts a hand and creates a water ball. They then spin and throw the ball outwards in an arch while taking a small step back where is splashes and leaves a temporary pool of water.

What I need it to do: I’d like to be able to move the character up to the point in which the ball is thrown. Preferably there should be a hitbox on the water ball too, but that can come later.

The programs I’m using for the animation/modeling is blender, and the jpg software is krita as I can’t super afford Photoshop or Maya. I’d super appreciate the help on this. I’m not really sure where to start and what to do as there isn’t many good options for documentation via youtube and what not. Thank you for the help!

Hello !

I’m not exactly sure what’s you’re trying to do, but I guess it’s some sort of teleportation towards the point where the ball touched something ?
What you can do is create a waterball blueprint that has a projectile component, and simply make in its code that when it its something it teleports the player to this location (Get actor location / set actor location with a cast to your character)

It has nothing to do with animation though ^^;