How to animate a Industrial Robot with Blueprints

Hello everyone,

I have a mesh of a standard industrial 6-axis robot and rigged it with Blender.
I am able to export this as fbx and import it in the unreal engine.

When I use keyframe animations I can use these in the unreal engine.

But I do not want these kind of baked and fixed animation.

I want to have an animation blueprint where I can rotate every single bone with a parameter. For this purpose i found the Transform (Modify) Bone node, but im unable to use it for this purpose.

Is the Transform (Modify) Bone node the right way to achive my goal or does somebody have a better idea how to implement this?


Yeah, Transform (Modify) Bone is the right way. I had done something similar using that function. You can see roughly how i set it up here:

Dont forget to enable and set proper settings(Rotation/Rotation Space/etc.) in the node's details panel.

Ok got it right now. The error was in a different place. I exported my skeletal mesh with blender 2.76 as fbx. And the blender fbx export has a bug when the blender settings are not set to metric units with scaling 0.01 (for milimeter) and / or the bones do not have uniform rotation and scaling (you need to apply them).

These fixes can be found here: Blender to Unreal Engine 4 basics 008 - FIXING ANIMATION PROBLEMS - YouTube

This bug makes bones in the unreal engine rotate only 1/100 the speed they should which breaks all animations i tried to create with Transform (Modify) Bone Node.

With the correct exported Mesh + Skeleton my animations worked :slight_smile: