How to animate a door opening

I want to make this door of mine open like a normal real world door using UE4’s Matinee but when I rotate the door it just spins around. There must be a way to add or edit the door’s axis, or something to that effect. Can anyone help me with this?
Here’s an image just for what the door does when I rotate it on it’s Z (Blue) axis.

You will have to set a new pivot point in your 3d program -> the pivot point is always at 0,0,0 :slight_smile:
In the UE4 you can just change the pivot point temporarily

So I’d need to go into a program such as 3DS Max and edit the pivot points?

Yep, you need to do that in a 3d program -> pivot point is always at 0,0,0! :slight_smile:

Is there a particular pivot point I need the door to be for in order for how I want to animate it?

Try this tutorial; it teaches how to rotate the door and create a lock. It also goes over how to create a pivot point in UE4 if you haven’t set up the door pivot in Max or Maya.