How to animate a door/gate

I am modding a series of fences and in one of the pieces, I want to have a door/gate similar to the steel reinforced door. I notice in the dev kit that many items actually have an Animation Blueprint or sequence, but I cannot find one for the Steel Reinforced Door or any doors, for that matter.

How are these objects animated?

The default Ark doors just rotate on a pivot point so the “animation” is technically not really an animation.
You can use timelines and the “Move component to” node to setup your own custom movement “animations”.
That is how I did this:

Thanks for the info. Where in the Ark Editor would I find that for the Reinforced Wooden Door, for example. Is it in the blueprint for the static mesh?

“My door transform” is in the components section of the door bp, timeline and move component nodes are in the graph

Thanks again, sorry for being a pest, but I opened this blueprint in the editor: /Game/PrimalEarth/Structures/Stone/Stone_Door/Door_Stone.Door_Stone which seems to be the door.

When I click on the Components button, I can see the “MyDoorTransform” node:


, but when I click on the Graph button, I don’t see any nodes in the graph, nor do I see a timeline. What actually triggers the transformation?

I also looked at the door’s base class blueprint and found the same.

Can you enlighten me (more)?



In order to get the door to do anything but the standard rotating movement, you have to add those nodes and build out the graph to make it work.

if ur trying to animate it like the standard ark doors its an easy just parent it to the mesh already in there its an easy plug and play if u want to to slide side was or side up or even open upwards its like p0k3r said there alot of graph work that needs to be done to make it happen