How to alter the game difficulty

Hi, I am playing about with the mods kit, and want to make a basic mod to increase wild dino spawn levels.

So I searched this forum and made a mod, and changed the Difficulty Value Max in my TestGameMode to be 8.0

I then ran it in the editor and started spawning Dodo’s. But they are all low levels. Less than 30.

Obviously I am going about this the wrong way, can anyone show me the right way?

The Difficulty Value doesn’t appear to work inside the dev kit simulation environment.

What are you wanting to accomplish actually?

Increase the max spawn level of dinos above 120 - 150 range, I want it so players can tame pets, but taming the meanest of the wild dinos is jsu ttoo hard, so that the players can’t be “safe” o na high level pet, but still need to be cautious when out in the wild.

So I will try my mod in single player later today and see if it works

Okay, well… easiest way to do that, is to edit the TestGameMode file, change the difficulty from a 4 to a 5.

Or do you want them all to only spawn from 120-150?

No I wanted the range from 1 up to XXX, so I changed it to 8.0 but it didn’t work in the dev kit. Will try it on single player tonight, I assume it will just work on the server too?

Ok, now that that is done, for nerfing the max level of some spawns, like the dodo do I make a child of the dodo bp and adjust it there, then link my child dodo to my primal game data bp?