How to allow a character to climb a rope? (2D)

I need to be able to have a Paper2D character be able to climb up a rope object in game. I’m slightly confused as of how to transition from normal movement to rope movement. Any help would be appreciated.

I suspect that when colliding with the rope the lock to plane should change so the sprite can only move up/down? I’ve been looking at this and how to make a character swing on a rope too.

I recently did something like this for a Paper2D game. Here was the gist of it:

You started climbing via a keypress and stopped on key release. The climb was driven by a timeline, so the key release was wired to the stop pin on the timeline. I called SetGravityScale on the char’s movement component to 0 to disable normal gravity before starting the climb and then put it back to 1 when finished. Also, very important for me was calling the SetVelocity function after turning off gravity to clear out the existing falling vector! During the timeline I calculated where I wanted the player to move to for the climb/swing, then directly called SetActorLocation to move them there. After that but still inside the timeline update, you want to call AddMovementInput on the player so that they will adjust their rotation to match the manual movements you’re making. At the end of the timeline/key release put the gravity back on and you should be good.