How to align multiple spline mesh components together?

So I am trying to implement farm building. I have 3 splines with 4 points, each spline has 3 mesh components. It works perfectly on a flat terrain but doesn’t work elsewhere. Every frame there’s line trace from each point of spline and Z axis of that spline point is changed to z of impact point from line trace.

I doubt I can make it work, already wasted countless hours on this. Is this even possible? It would be much easier if for instance I had 9 vertices of each spline mesh component. With one spline it would be easier too because I would not be bothered with alignment of mesh component between different

I need to have mesh components properly aligned to terrain and to themselves. Here’s a screenshot that better demonstrates my problem

Your problem seems to me as unclear as your current attempts. Try to rephrase your question.

What I want to do is to make every spline mesh component aligned properly to terrain so it does not clip through it. As seen on a picture I tried align these by doing line trace from each point of spline, but I have only 2 points to use to control mesh position (n point of spline and n+1 point of spline) and it is not enough. I want to align spline meshes as it would be a decal, perfectly fits geometry of terrain.

Here’s how it looks on a flat terrain and how I want it to look on every possible terrain

And my blueprint that tries to adjust each mesh to ground.

Another blueprint that updates mesh position according to new spline point locations

  1. That’s a way to long comment. Better add the infos to your questions and just comment that you updated accordingly.
  2. Still don’t understand anything. Perhaps I am not willing enough to struggle through your formulations, but I suppose you are missing the point.
  3. So here are my questions: How does a single spline mesh component look like? So is it i. e. 3 tiles and you are using 3 of them? Or just on and you included 9? Or is the whole structure one spline mesh component?

As a reminder: A spline mesh component consists (besides the mesh) of a spline and this spline has several sections, each with a start and end point as well as start and end tangent – where the end point of a section is the start point of the following section. Or isn’t it? What is “n” in your comment?