How to align a camera to another one with blueprint?

I create a Matinee and some blueprint

U: play from start
T: stop
Y:play from current position of Matinee

I want that when I stop the Matinee ,my player 's camera can in the position of the one of Matinee and face where the camre of Matinee FACING.

I already set the position BUT I just can’t make the “facing direction” right!!!( “Rotation or YAW or anything”,they not work!!!)

begging for help!!! please!!!

sorry for my english

Get Actor Forward Vector gives you the movement Vector of this actor for the current frame. What you want to have is the Get Actor Rotation

Thank for your help!!!

sorry It still can’t make the player face to “right direction”(or player’s camera)

player is facing to where last time my player(changed by moving mouse) face to(but the location always is fine…)

Thank for your help again!!! anyway

I think I got the anwser

I need to change the “Set Control Rotation”

and the character’s roll awalys is 0(I need to break the rotation and make it again )…