How to aim character punches towards enemy head?

Fairly new to UE, and I’m making a simple boxing game (characters of different heights), and i was wondering what i needed to do / research to make it so that when you punch, your character targets the head of the enemy. Can’t seem to find much on the internet - maybe I’m searching the wrong thing!

Any help / advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Have you considered using IKs, with nodes like “Two Bone IK” ([IK Setups | Unreal Engine Documentation][2]), where you can set the Effector Location the enemy’s head?

Hey! This works perfect. However, I am having a problem where the animation is not going back to its original position, it sort of stops half way back… I’ll show you a screenshot of what I mean. Thank you for your reply.

Use a curve to control the alpha. That also allows for a smooth blending with the underlying animation.

Start punch => Alpha = 0 => IK has no control, the punch starts going in the normal direction.

Near end punch => Alpha = 1 => IK has full control, the punch is going in the direction of the effector.

Mate this worked like a charm. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: