How to affect actors outside of blueprint

Hello UE4 Community,

I could use some help with blueprints. I have created an actor that has a light and a box (box used as a trigger volume). When my character goes into this volume, I am able to toggle the light on and off which is good. I just did this to test if the volume was working correctly. The problem I have is affecting other actors outside of the current blueprint like destroying them, make hidden or swapping them for another actor. I tried the content example approach but I don’t think I am doing this right. Below is an image, I tried using casting. Is this appropriate or should I use a different method?

Thanks again

you should check to see that the cast has not failed. Also try instead of destroy actor , setlifespan

Thanks for responding DJMidKnight,

So if it is not casting, is there something I need to add to the blueprint I am trying to cast to so it recognizes it?

So if you have a Print String on the cast failed it was firing instead?

Yeah nothing is firing. I think it stops at the ForEachLoop node. For now I am creating a trigger volume for each level blueprint that works. I was hoping I could have tied it to the actor so once I drop it in level it is ready to work. I will try and debug some more or try something else if I can’t get to work. Thanks.

You could also try adding a ISVALID node right before the cast to try to push a valid entry into the cast node.

This is why artist shouldn’t program AHH! :D. The IsValid node helped me realize I wasn’t using the right blueprint name under get all class blueprints. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. All is well, I checked this thread as resolved.