How to adjust the volume of many sounds using a slider in a widget

Hi all i’m working in my UI settings for my game. I’m trying to do it via a slider in a widget.

I have tree types of volume control sliders:

  • Master (Controls the volume of both)

  • SFX (Controls the volume of all SFX)

  • Music (Controls the volume of all music)

As you can notice it’s a standard audio setting.

There are two nodes I have found to control de volume:

  • Adjust Volume

  • Set Volume Multiplier

The problem that i have with this nodes are the “object”. both needs an audio component reference connected.

I tried two differents methods:

  • Create an structure array of sound waves and then call it in the BP and set the volume. But I can’t connect it to the object.

  • The other option it was to create a sound mix and set the sound waves to a type class. I called SFX and then i have inserted all waves in there. The problem was that I couldn’t call a sound mix from a BP

I googled and I have found the Rama Victory Plugin with a helpfull plugin for do this.

My question is: Is it posible to do what I want without an external plugin?

Thanx so much in advance and have a nice day!

Make few sets of attenuations for eg. (ambient sounds, player sounds, speech, etc.)
Then put that attenuation in appropriate sound cues.
Then adjust volume in those attenuatuions. If they placed in sound cues they should affect sounds.

Or make variables, add mixer or some other node in sound cue that cna change volume
Read that variable and adjust sounds.

I may be wrong here but there was something like sound colelction parameter, something similar to material collections. Never played with sounds in that way yet, just saw some nodes.

Hi Nawrot, thanx for your answer but is not very helpful :smiley: I didn’t found any “sound collection parameter” or so.

I’m still looking for help.

Thanx again.

There is no way to cast to a sound class from Blueprints. How can i do it?