How to adjust the scale of a parent object without scaling the child objects?

Hi! I’m new to UE and I’m sure this is a very noob question, but I can’t seem to understand how this works:
How do I adjust the scale of a parent / root object without scaling the child objects? I don’t mean in the code or in blueprints, I mean literally just disable the “parent scaling affects child scale” for 10 seconds so that I can adjust the size of the parent object in the editor.

I do want the parent <–> child scaling functionality to exist after I’ve adjusted the parent size so I don’t want to set the child’s scaling mode to World, which was the main answer that Google gave me. What’s the correct way of doing this?

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Can’t you just adjust the parent scale in the blueprint?

That’s probably not what I’m after here if I understood your suggestion correctly. Maybe I’ll need to elaborate:

I have a player character comprisign of a collision cylinder (parent) and a mesh (child), and I’d like to adjust the scale of the collision cylinder visually inside the editor so I can actually see how well the collision component matches the visible mesh. However, because of the parent-child -relationship, whenever I modify the scale of the cylinder, the mesh gets scaled too. What I’m after is how to temporarily disable this from happening so that I can perform the scaling adjustment to the parenting collision cylinder without affecting the scale of the mesh which is the child?

Ah, you have a character BP?

I think you need to remove the mesh, get the capsule right, and then replace the mesh. It’s a limitation of the capsule being the root.

Thank you, that worked perfectly! For some reason I didn’t even consider temporarily removing the mesh, just looked for a way to disable the “rootness”, but this did the trick :slight_smile:

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There is built in functionality for this for the capsule collider. Look for half height and capsule radius.

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Or that… :slight_smile: