how to adjust the hand on the sword's hilt

I have some problem correctly positioning the left hand of the character on the hilt. The animation pack is the close combat swordsman from the marketplace, since my character proportions are different I thought I set up an IK.
I used the FABRIK node following a tutorial and it is working. The sword has a socket and my left hand moves towards it.

Problem 1: in the blueprint, in the preview animation the sword doesn’t have the socket, which makes adjustments there quite difficult (impossible)

Problem 2: Either the socket shouldn’t be exactly in the hilt or it should have adifferent target other than the left hand bone.

problem 1 is very annoying, is there a fix or something?
if you have any tips how to make it work, please.


By the looks of it the FABRIK is pulling the ik towards the ik target so the problem is with the offset between the left hand joint and the hilt.

To be able to give some informed advice there is a need for a better understanding of the purpose that needs to be served as part of the overall design.

Usually the lack of purpose is the reason most posts like this goes unanswered as there is more than a few different ways of doing the same thing with the better option being more of a guess.

  1. Is the sword weapon unique to this character?
  2. Does the character use other weapons. If so what types.

Guessing the easy way in this example would be to just move the hilt target until it matches up with the hilt.
The other option would be to add a socket to the left hand and use it to add/subtract the offset.

From a keep it simple standpoint I would be inclined to add the sword as part of the character component

The goal is to keep the left hand on the hilt, this is just a practice to understand how to precisely retarget two handed sword animations for different characters.

I tried adding offsets, even calculated ones, but the problem is if it works for one pose it won’t work for an other.

Adding socket to the left had could be the solution. How would you set it up?

I added he hand socket then calculated the vector between the hand socket and the left hand bone. Then I added (also tried substracting) this vector as offset to the weapon socket which is the fabrik target for the left hand bone. Nothing really helps…

actually after some more testing the hand s sometimes on the weapon where it should be, but then moving a bit, attcking etc its offseted considerably in the same pose… obviously my setup is not good…

Ok, I need more testing, but it seems to be working now… by transforming the socket locations into bone space before calculating the distance seems to fix my previous problem…

(btw I realized that it’senough to do the 'transform to bone space only with the result…)

Well if your testing out different ideas you could also do hand corrections using additive corrective poses.

Assuming that you are using the same animations made for a different character and what is pictured above is the base idle pose you could create a corrective pose to place the hands on the hilt and place it near the end of the migration path as an additive per bone. This will correct all of the offsets relative to the applied animation set.

You can always just check on the animation, export the FBX, and fix the animation.

It’s actually common for marketplace content to be off.
yes, Ik is necessary as well, but it’s really designed to set the distance between the upper and Lowe hand in this case, not the position of the left hand bot reaching…

Also, just to note, maybe you want to work it the other way around… move the hilt to the hand and rotate the sword to match via AnimBP. It kind of depends on the base animation and the intention.
or, even better, you split the difference, push the top hand, pull the bottom hand… very situational…

Thanks for the help everyone, right now I’m happy with the result. The inconvenience of using IK is that depending on the situation/animation I might need to turn it on/off quite often. It seems usingg curves in the animations to drive the alpha for the FABRIK node works, but then I need to set it up in all animations.

I’d try adding a corrective pose to see how it would work. Can you tell mewhich nodes I should look for? A quick search disn’t bring up any useful information in this topic.