How to adjust the clamp of the player camera rotation pitch?

For example, a lot of games do not let the player look straight up or down. And on the other hand, some games like Bioshock would let the player look even beyond straight up, to where the camera is a little upside down. Where do I adjust this clamp in Unreal?

Hello! Add a Player Camera Manager BP to your Player Controller BP and you can set the value. See the picture.

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I can’t seem to get it to work. :confused: Here, let me walk you through the steps I took:

I went to the content browser and created a new “player camera manager” blueprint, and set the min and max pitch to -20 and 20. I also made a new “player controller” blueprint, which I set to use the player camera manager I just created.

In world settings, I set the player characters default player controller to the one I just created, yet I am still able to look straight up and down.

(By the way, the camera is attached to a spring arm (camera boom), but that’s not the problem is it?)

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Okay, I figured it out now. I just typed “get player camera manager” in the character BP, and was able to set the values from there.

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What type of BP do you create for the get player camera manager?

Hi. I haven’t used UE4 in quite awhile, and I don’t remember which project has this code. ^^;

But I do remember that I started with the official first person template. I’m pretty sure whatever was needed to get this working was already included, and I never explored enough to know exactly what it was. Like I said, the photo above was taken from the included FPS CharacterBP. Maybe I needed to untick the box for “relevant search results” or whatever it was called when adding a new node, idk. To be honest, I never even knew which of the steps I listed in comments above where important or not. I just never got the hang of Unreal, sorry.

So, did you start with the official template, or are you building from your own starting point?

Hey, thanks a million man. Some how I didn’t see that screenshot you had above until now, the one titled ue4-screenshot50.jpg. I just followed that screenshot and I was good so yes thanks a lot man I appreciate it.