How to adjust quality settings for iOS?


I am a beginner UDK user, I am having trouble exporting to my iPhone 5. The quality is terrible on the iPhone.

I’ve created the blank project, and then export to my phone right away ( 2.png ), and then took the screen capture from the phone ( 3.png )

The quality between 2.png and 3.png is just too big, can anyone please show me where is the settings for export quality? is there a tutorial around that part?

Thank you very much in advance.


hey, I have the same impression, I’m testing it on an ipod touch 5 generation with IOS version 6.1.3, Epic Citadel Unreal Engine 3 looks great. but the mobile base that is in the market place such as is mentioned Alex Man, at a resolution of 5??x3?? we need to configure?.

Hi Cuervo,

Yea I was impressed by Epic Citadel as well and decided to give UDK a go after downloaded that. I was a Unity 3D user and want to switch to UDK because of the level of effect and quality that UDK can do.

Have you tried their “Mobile Temple” sample project in UDK4? I built it on iPhone5 and the effects and quality is not as good as what I can see in my Macbook Air as well, my Macbook Air is just using Intel HD5000 integrated graphic, no dedicated graphic card.

Which makes me think that there must be some settings that I had missed, in Unity 3D what we do is simply just 2 clicks to set everything like texture level, shadow, AA for any mobile platform ( attached 4.png ). I hope there is something similar to this in UDK4 here, just I don’t know where it is.


That should help!


Hi Vasco,

Thank you very much for the suggestion, however those settings doesn’t seems to apply to the deployed package, they seems to only apply to my preview screen.

I clicked the Epic option and deployed again, and still looks the same.


i see… try this…
and rebuild the light… just a suggestion… i’will try too :slight_smile:

Hi Vasco,

Thanks, unfortunately still not working.
I did a “Build Lighting Only”, then did a “Build”, then click launch to apply to phone again.


Okay - i investigate… :slight_smile:
Its an important topic for my self too…

The Mobile demo on Marketplace though… only compiles on iPhone 5S/iPad Air/Mini (A7) it seems… and i haven’t found a way to get it run on iPhone 5 yet. But i would like scaling up or down like that… so i build one thing to deploy on multiple devices

Hi there, take a look in the BaseDeviceProfiles.ini inside \Engine\Config

[iPhone5 DeviceProfile]

[iPhone5S DeviceProfile]

To experiment with this, you’ll want to create a custom “DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini” inside your [project]\Config\ and include whatever values you want to modify.

You can also edit the base ini but I don’t think that’s recommended.

For further information on the current state of iOS, you can look here, too:

i was afraid this might be the solution :smiley:

Hi BigJMoney,

Thanks for your suggestion, I had tried adding DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini to include the following settings and also changed BaseDeviceProfiles.ini with the above iPhone5S settings.

but still no luck, same no shadow and reflection… and bad texture as before.

I believe UDK should be able to produce good shadow, texture and reflection on iPhone 5 ( and on my iPad2 ) because they demonstrated that on Epic Citadel. Just don’t know how to do that at the moment :frowning:


I think the Renderer are fundamentally different… while the UDK (UE3) used shader in a more traditional way, to generate the desired look (Shader that aim to look like real world materials but cheat) the new renderer uses ‘physically correct shader’ like modern renderer do (such as Arnold or even Blender Cycles) - that implies that to make something reflect its not longer a just a “gl_buffer” call :slight_smile: - I guess its also quite difficult to generate the UE3 look because everything there is just good art direction and a cheat.

I believe there is no answer to this question then :frowning:

Interesting, I might install UDK 3 and export to iPhone straight from their template and see what happen

I am also looking for an answer to this question… The low resolution mode as it currently stands is fast… but I would like a way of testing a higher resolution…

Anyone found a way?

I got the answer everyone has been waiting for:

Basically you copy out the contents of Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini out of the Tappy Chicken demo into your Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini - in my case it was the mobile demo. Launch the game on your iPhone/iPad and now you have a retina version.

Hope this helps

I also want to know the problem. I tested many times is a failure,If you solve this problem,Can you share your experience to me? Thanks!