How to Adjust Projectile Size in Paper 2D


I was following the Twitch Tutorial part 2 for making a Paper 2D game. I followed all the mechanics but decided to use my own artwork to create the game. Everything went smooth so far. I added the shot projectile and textures properly, and the function works. However, the projectile released is as big as a dot. I tried going to its blueprint to fiddle with its scale. No matter how big I scale it, the projectile released is still a dot. I must be missing something. (I definitely am)

Solved it. Turns out I assigned an arrow to the character BP and bound the projectile to it. Fiddling with the size of that arrow affected the size of the projectile as well. The arrow looks ridiculous when viewing in the character blueprint, but it’s invisible so no harm there :smiley:

ty Solved it fore me too ^^