How to adjust player location when player character has invisibility skill (can go through enemy's) but can stuck in between those in the moment when the cooldown runs off ?

I have this skill where i can go through enemies but in the moment where the cooldown ends and the character is in between a bigger crowd of ai he can then stuck in there till some of the enemy move. Is there a way i can adjust the location of the player character in this very moment ?

When the skill starts the player character ignore the collision of the enemy ai and in the end it blocks it back and is in this moment where he can stuck
bandicam 2023-07-15 10-52-21-894
bandicam 2023-07-15 10-52-50-720

I remember there was some settings on the collision nodes where it can set up an extra node to adjust the location or something along this lines. Or maybe another approach to make the character somehow push the nearby enemy by half a meter when the character “comes” back from this skill…