How to adjust curves on metahuman face link record

I have a basic record mostly using eyes and am finding the mouth has slight noise/jitters in the record.

Does anyone have tips on how to clean up this data? For example, if i could select all the mouth related tracks, view as curves, and scale them down or delete I’d be in an oK place.

I’ve tried searching this forum and youtube for “clean up” “revise” tips but no luck. Thanks

You can do this in either the Animation Sequence Editor, or in Sequencer (by first baking the animation to the Face Control Board), then accessing the animation curves using the graph editor (last button on the right in the Sequencer Tool Bar that looks like … well … a graph).

There’s a filter field above the tracks list that lets you filter by curve name. Would recommend only having a few curves visible/listed before going into the graph/curve editor as things slow down if you try to open/view all the keys on all the curves at once.

BTW, for noise/jitter, both of these tools/windows have a button for filtering. FFT Butterworth low pass filter is really useful for smoothing out jitter (high frequency noise) while allowing the overall motion curve to pass through smoothly.

Hope this helps.
Have fun.

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This is incredibly helpful and I will dive into this more tomorrow. Thank you for mentioning the FFT and filter areas! I have lots of tabs from the documentation open to read, but if there are any additional resources kindly send along :slight_smile:

I’ve googled / youtube searched “unreal engine” + Curves + FFT or Filter and am surprised not to see many resources. And none that I can find with respect to Metahumans or Facelink app (though that might be too specific).

Thanks again

I have a Unreal Online Learning course that should hopefully be coming out in a few weeks that will demo this a bit. As soon as it’s released, I’ll pop back here to share a link.


I look forward to checking it out. Anything that relates to cleaning up facelink performances, or revising / mixing performances would be a massive interest.

Either way, thank you for sharing details!

The course was published this week…
Metahuman Workflows with Faceware Studio

Even though the first half of the course focuses specifically on using Faceware Studio, the modules in the second half are focused on standard functionality in Unreal Engine, and can be used for any animation source. There’s a Module called Animation Sequences, that demos the use of the FFT filtering functionality.

Here’s a link to the course on the Unreal Online Learning portal: