How To.. adding swim animation from A to Z

I’m looking to add swim animation if a character enters the physical water volume.
I got the Animation Starter Pack in Third Person Project.
I make the physics volume, so the character can go up and down in the water but in walking animation, not in swim animation, and I set up the swim speed. everything is done correctly.
I found in 2 swim animation ( Swim & Idle Swim) I need help or clear tutorial to add this 2 animations when I entered the physics volume and walk back normal when I exit the physics volume.
I spend 5 days to search on google and youtube, all tutorial and articles are about the physical water volume and swim up and down only, but without adding swim animation.note: I got what is in the strong text here.

my setting:
Physics Volume>Character Movment> Enable Water Volume

Level BP

Third Person BP

Animations BP