How to AddForce multiple times inside a Tick function?

A short Answer to my question is either “It’s OK, never worry about that.” or “No! Never do that ever!” Long answer would be a couple lines or so.
I’ll be happy if only the short answer is provided. If the long one is, that’s more than perfect for me.

In classical physics forces are added in a vector-addition manner. Assuming Instantaneous addition or sequential applying of forces wouldn’t really matter.(as long as the body is considered a perfect solid body)

Now inside of a Tick function if I used AddForce function multiple times within the same Tick code, what exactly will happen. Is it fully OK to do that, or I should rather calculated all forces and apply them once per Tick.
If it’s a safe thing to do, does that mean that inside of PhysX (or somewhere else of relevance), acceleration/momentum is being updated several times within a single Tick period?

Thanks for reading,

It’s fine, Force is accumulated and only applied during the physics world update.

That’s great. Thanks for answering.