How to add writing or arrow on a wall?

I’ve seen a few new maps with custom drawn arrows and writing on walls or custom notes, how do you do this in UEFN? Is there a way to import png images of custom drawings & put them ontop of walls or props?


The easiest way to add text/notes would be with a Billboard Device.

You could also import pngs, look into using the alpha channel for opacity masking to add transparency to the image.

Let us know if you have any troubles with either!

The way to do this is to use a decal device. It has a weird bug so sometimes looks odd in the editor but trust it…it does exactly what you want.


Thanks, that seems like what im looking for. How do you get it to look like your image? I’m a litte confused as to how it works. I tried putting the png image as the material but that didnt work

Here are the steps:

  • add a decal device to your scene and position it so that the decal projects onto the surface you want

  • create a new material and change the Material Domain & Blend modes as shown below:

  • set the Parameter Name of the Param2D node to something sensible (I’ve used Decal_texture)

  • create a material instance of the material in the content browser and change the image in Decal_texture. You can name it something more helpful than I have done here e.g. MI_myDecal_firedoor, MI_myDecal_graffiti etc. This way you get a library of material instances with one master material. You can change this master (e.g. roughness) and it will apply to all instances.

  • drag the material instance onto the decal device as shown here:

I hope this works for you and if so, you can set it to solved :slight_smile:


Hey thanks so much for the help. I come from creative 1.0 so I’m still new to this. I followed your guide with a png image of text and it came out as a black square. I then put the same image by itself into the large icon box under decal mask and it worked. Is that another way to do it or should I still try the way you showed me?

It sounds like your way works for a single colour (is it a mask of the material?) but TBH just do what works :rofl:

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Yeah it’s just black text with a transparent background, but if I have an image with multiple colours I’ll use your guide. Appreciate it.

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