How to add Walk/Crouch to "Third person" starter asset ?

took me like less than 20 mins to figure the entire thing.(I haven’t touch the animation state machine before today.)
I didn’t even use the default walking parameter, I created my own in my character.(in the 3rd person template.)
and everything went smoothly with a cast from TryGetPawnOwner->cast to MyCharacter->get walking(a boolean var I created).
I don’t know if you try getting into “Crouch” and link crouch animation to final pose.
This is my graph…took me more time to composite this image than figure things out.

Note: on left side I red highlight “Edit preview”, when you are in this mode, you can check those state variables and input speed value to see what happen when those values changed.
You will see the active light brown indicator switch to other states depending on the value/check you changed.

I dont know what kind of magic you are using . but it is still not showing up for me . and here is the screenshot to prove it .
in the upper part of the screenshot you can see that i actually have a variable named “Walking” in animBlueprint .
In the lower part you can see that it is not showing in character blueprint . w/ or w/o context sensitive checked . so now what ?

i dont care how much it takes for me to solve this or you in that matter. i’m not here to compete with anyone.i’m here to learn . and i’m not a programmer.

I could give you some examples from my project

Thank you . very nice of you to share . i really appreciate it .

But my problem is still the same . To whatever god you believe in or dont believe in , my variables from AnimBlueprint doesnt show up in character blueprint , as i shown in the screen shot in my previous comment.
From watching your screenshots i wonder… Did you create your variables in your character Blueprint (which is MyCharacter) , and are accessing them from your AnimBlueprint (SoraBlueprint) ? cause i’m doing the opposite , and as simple as that they are not showing up in the list .

ah, now that you calm down and state more facts, it’s easier to solve. The fact is, animation blueprint and character blue print don’t “share” variables.
Most of time the animation blueprint’s variable could be “less” than variables in characters.(ie, speed along can drive from idle->walk->run)
For example, my character variable is just called “walking”, and in animation bp, the state control variable is called “isWalking?” (yeah, I mimic that crazy question mark naming).
And I set my walking boolean exactly like how Xendran shown with leftShift, but use press/release to control my state.

Think of this, your character is feeding the animation state machine data to let it decide what to do, some variable might be 1 to 1 relationshp(ie isInAir), some might be composited, ie, walk animation only run when have some speed and walk toggle is on.
So just create the a variable in your MyCharacter, and in your animation blueprint, you can get that variable and set corresponding control state variable.

So i should create the variables in the character blueprint , and access them from the animation blueprint . that is the answer , which i myself mentioned in my previous comment .
I have cleary stated in most of my comments or it is visible from screenshots that i’m trying to access the variables created in AnimBP, from character blueprint , which i believe to be impossible . And no one said that is where i was wrong .

It is like you ask someone: " how to peel an onion “, and their answer is : " you should use a knife .” see ? it is not a wrong answer , it is related in many ways , but it is not the answer .
thanks to anyone who responded .

good luck then, try to do something simple following Xendran’s example, I got it right the first time I tried. and maybe you should also check what I said more carefully. once you cast to my character, you are accessing vars in my character bp, not animation bp in context sensitive menu.

Ok lets review your comments and mine .
This is the last sentence of my comment , right before you come to this thread :

I clearly said what i’m trying to do which was wrong , and here you come and said :

Instead of correcting me right then and there . and now you tell me to check more carefully ?
Dont get me wrong i’m grateful for answers . but in this case your answers just confused me more . then Xendaran came and posted the screenshots and i realized where i was wrong . well anyway i’ve been at this for a very long time . i go get some rest. cheers.

I apologize for earlier comments, because I thought you are doing things in a context that you get component more easily, than to the actual pawn.
It would be confusing since the component owner probably won’t even show up in animation bp.

Like I said, I haven’t touch animation blueprint until last night, but your problem is you never try to calm down and understand the basics.
So many people providing help and yet you are struggling at can’t get a variable after casting?
My analogy would be(since you like using it), it’s like trying to build a car before you understand basic how parts can fit together.
Either your build/scene bugged/corrupted or something happen, that’s why I said try rebuild from simple template again to test it.
And you just keep whining about I can’t get my var to show up in context menu cast or not, it’s either your fault, or the rest of ue4 user are in a dream world that their engine “just work”.
You can continue to do as you like, I’m outta this thread. Cheers~

i AM trying to understand the basic , what you call this ? master stuff ? and i already inspected the template and build my custom character off it . i’m glad you are out of this tread because discussion with you is a waste of time .

I used this method. It works. I still plan to get the BP talking to Blue Print working later.

This will get you other animation (crouch) animating when you push a button:

There are thing in this thread that can help you also:

I think what would really help out some of the noobs like me (coming from the art side of thing wanting to learn how to create my own movement system) is some dedicated movement system tutorials. (Either from Epic or the community.)

Here are the things that I am interested in:

1.Make character run with shift modifier or joypad button press (I learned this through this thread but it was a real struggle to find the right nodes even when seeing the screen shots in Blueprint, just because the nodes are rather difficult to find the first time around.)

  1. Make character crouch down with button/keypress (At this stage I really do need some step by step hand holding.)

  2. Create animations in external program and have them feed into the motion system.

EDIT:I’m sure most of you know about this now, but Zak Parrish made an incredible video series on how to reconstruct the entire 3rd person template…It helped me get a better understanding of how these systems work. If you are like me and are still learning about the movement systems you might want to give this 15 part video series a look.…368myr-Kg2ZLwb

  1. Just an overall explanation in laymen terms on how the motion system works.

EDIT :See # 3

  1. A strafe left and right.

  2. A lock on target type system like link does in Zelda a link to the past. (Keeps player always facing in the direction of the lock on. When locked on your character can walk backwards, character can also perform a backflip.)

  3. Double jump

EDIT: I found a nice write up on this here (Click Here)](Is there a way to stimulate jumping using Blueprint? - UE4 AnswerHub) I used the example from FlyingMoose. ( Thank you for that!)

  1. Ledge climb (hang, drop and move on ledges.) I have seen some cool examples of this working… but it feels like black magic at this point.

EDIT: Here is a nice thread on this one:

  1. Weapon fire (could be a gun or what I really am looking for is a melee weapon, such as a sword swing.)

  2. Wall run,wall jump.

  3. Character getting on a mounted creature. (Riding a horse would be an example, or getting into a car or ship.) And then possessing of the mount/vehicle.

  4. Climb up walls with character. (Like spider man.)

  5. Swimming (both above water or below water.)

  6. NPC interaction (Move into a volume and you control your animation along with NPC animation to feel as if there is conversation happening.)

  7. Dynamically change the control of gravity. (Lets say you get power up boots that allow you to jump higher.)

EDIT: I don’t this this is quite what I was thinking but it is a really nice tutorial on making a jump pad

I know I am asking for a lot here, but I think there are a lot of us that see the great potential that UE4 has for allowing us to dream up a game and actually go about creating it, and I am talking about using far less resources and time than what was used in the past. I really appreciate a lot of the tutorials that have been put out so far, but to me it seems as if the animation/motion setup process is some of the most difficult things that will have a huge impact on over all game play.

If you know of any good tutorials for any of the things listed above, if you could please give a link. I’m sure that I am not the only one that is interested in learning how to push motion systems in this manner.

Thanks for any help possible, it will be greatly appreciated!

Sorry that was hard to find. If you use “Get Player Character”, that gives you a Character, which you should be able to drag a “Get Character Movement” node off of it, which won’t require any casting.

Modifying max speed as people have shown is a good approach, but it sounds like finding those nodes was the hard part!

There is a “Crouch” function on the Character that should do it. You just need to hook up a button event to call that.

Hopefully that video series you pointed out was helpful! Basically there is AddMovementInput which gets accumulated and then processed by CharacterMovementComponent, which adds velocities and then runs a simulation based on the rules of max speed, what is a walkable surface, etc. It is far more complex than that internally, but that is the basic high-level view. To see how to tweak movement the best way IMO is to check out tutorials and also just explore the various settings on the component itself.

This should be covered by the templates. Basically you add movement input to the side directions from where the character is facing, rather than forward.

This can be accomplished by manually setting the rotation of your character each update based on what you want it to look at.

There are a already a lot of resources from our awesome users (as you’ve discovered), but I’m also happy to say that in our next release we should have more “official” support for double jump and a way to make it much easier to hook in to!

That is pretty advanced but some users have already made great progress as you’ve pointed out!

Should be covered in the 1st person template (guns at least). For melee weapons you could set up some custom animation that swings an attached object, that then responds to overlap events on the weapon you swing. Or more simply you could do some sort of trace in front of the character to see what can possibly be hit.

Again pretty advanced, I’d look to see what other users are doing. This is certainly possible now, but requires some pretty heavy lifting. There may be more advanced support in the future to make this sort of thing easier, but I don’t have any sort of timeline.

I’m not sure about the animation to get on the object (not my area really), but to switch control you’d want to have the player controller possess the vehicle instead. Or you could disable input on the character, attach them to the vehicle, and route input there instead. I’ll try to find out if there is any sort of tutorial on this yet.

Mostly the same as wall running, see above #10.

This should work, if you have a physics volume set to be water, and change the character movement mode to swimming when they enter it.

I think this is more of an animation issue. Do you mean move them with root motion?

To jump higher, you can change the JumpVelocityZ on the CharacterMovement Component. To change gravity for the character, you can adjust the GravityScale on the same component.

Up til now i’ve done most of what you asked , i got my character to run/walk/crouch , and all of this with equipped and unequipped state . and i’m following that “Edge grabbing” Thread which Zak middleton mentioned above . there are still some bugs in the movement but i will figure it out in time, they are mostly because there are 2 state for every movement . and i have to say the anim graph has gotten pretty complicated . hopefully i will make a tutorial when i figure out the bugs i have .

Check out unreal engine’s youtube channel on blueprint 3rd person character, there is an update which makes the character attack . i found it pretty useful .


Did you ever get your guy to play the crouch animation?
Would it be possible to show me how you went about doing this please?