How to add visual effects in a game to go alongside sound effects?

I want to know how to add visual effects to sound effects in a game in Unreal Engine. In the game Fortnite they have included various visual effects to go with the sound effects already in the game. Examples include; footsteps showing nearby enemies, symbols showing an enemy in the air, symbols showing chests nearby or hidden. How do I do this?

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Sound effects are played by events, so all you have to do is call ShowWidget or any other function right after these events (Widget is just example, you can do whatever you want when sound event is fired).

To keep it simple(intermediate lvl) you can create your own component that will play sound and show widget at the same time and hide it when sound ends.

Any other symbols are pure gameplay features and you can develop them by yourself (or googling it), for example

Also check widget component.

Thank you very much for replying to my question, it is really helpful.