How to add VERY simple trail / ribbon to a static mesh?


Can someone please tell me how I can add a very simple (fade out) trail to an arrow actor that I made. This actor spawns as the player fires the bow. I just want a very simple trail to come out of the arrow as it flies through the air.

I have watched tutorials on animtrails, but that’s for sockets on skeletal meshes, also on ribbons, but I can’t find a clear tutorial on how to use a ribbon on an actor.

Thanks in advance.

In the blueprint actor you should be able to create a Particle component (or spawn one)…from that component/spawned component drag off and you should have begin trails… otherwise ribbons should just work once attached since it’s based on distance…If you need help setting them up I suggest looking at the free Infinity Blade Effects they gave out in the launcher…plenty to find there…just search Trail or something and some will pop up and you can study how they set it up…

Look for Infinity blade free assets or for content examples on marketplace. There should be some nice trail particles. Add (or asset action > migrate) to your project. Then play with particle effect, and modify it to your liking.
Last thing to do is adding it to your player character and setting its socket to whichever part of body you want it to follow.