How to add velocity / Launch character with animation root motion enabled

Hello, I’ve an animation that I want to push forward while it’s playing, so normally in that case I would just use “Launch Character” node, “Impulse”, or add number to velocity.

Unfortunetly, non of them work while the animation’s root motion enabled.
So, is their a way to make Launch Character (or anything that add force to the character actually) work with root motion enabled?

Is the animation “on place” ? If you have root motion, you might want to use it to “push” the character (and its capsule) forward, driven by the animation.
By doing so you probably don’t need the “launch Character”

Two parameter to set :

And :

Those screen come from the RootMotion documentation, here :
[link text][3]

Thank you for the reply

I’ve got the root motion enabled, but I want to push the character more to give it a better look (using character launch hopefully).
So, is there a way to make character launch work or any velocity push while the root motion is enabled?

I’m not sure what could work, on top of my head :
Set Velocity on the Character movement component.

tried to set velocity too, still, it doesn’t work with the animations that have root motion enabled

Okay, so I found a workaround for it.
I go to any 3D animation software (Blender in my case), and just delete the motion animation from the root, hips, or pelvis (whichever makes the character move from its place really), export the new animation to unreal and done.

It is like a simulation for the root motion enabled, but with a working launching character. :slight_smile:

Of course, it is still a workaround, so if anyone has the direct answer for it please post it, so that anyone having the same problem can use it instead of opening another software.