How to add ue4 app to my phone with itunes 12.7?

So i had the misfortune of finding out today when I downloaded the new itunes app that I can nolonger manage my apps on my computer anymore…so how the F do i add my ue4 game on my phone now that itunes won’t let me? anyone run into this issue? Is there a workaround?

I have the same issue. Hoping there is a workaround. Apple makes it very hard to revert to an older iTunes compounding the problem.

This helped me.

I could still drag a cooked IPA to the device listed in iTunes even though the apps don’t show up in itunes list.

Even with previous iTunes I couldn’t get an IPA file installed on the phone. It was always stuck on “Will install” message.

I never use iTunes to install an IPA on a device. Open Xcode and go to Window > Devices. Select your device and then hit the plus button under the install apps to install an IPA.

I guess that’s solution for Mac users. For windows try using Unreal’s IPhonePackager, it has an option to install IPA files.

I use the Project Launcher