How to add tiles to world partition

1° Select your main landscape
2° Activate Landscape edition mode
3° Select Manage and Add
4° Add as many tiles as you wish, they are seamless and appear as streaming proxies under the main Landscape actor
5° Save your one and only map and all added landscape tiles now appear in the world partition window

This is much simpler than creating levels and moving them by hand in world composition.

Note 1: there is a bug when sculpting over tiles, the smooth tool sometimes creates huge holes. ctrl-z is in order.

Note 2: Once a tile has been added to world partition, I couldn’t find any way to remove it. From the “Landscape editing mode → Manage → Delete” I can remove tiles but they still appear as Landsceape Streaming Proxies and still appear in world partition.

Note 3: UE5 will create a folder “ExternalActors” inside the content folder which will contain subfolders for all levels you have ever created or even deleted in the project. Still obscure how to deal with that, probably responsible for deleted parts of the world partition to still show up after being deleted with the landscape tool.


4° I’ve also been looking for ways to remove the “LandscapeStreamingProxy” too.

I would make a copy/backup of any level before adding a landscape.

I think I found a way to delete the Landscapes from the World Outliner – but it’s not from the Editor.

You’ll have to go to YourProjectDirectory\Content_ExternalActors_\Maps\YourMapName.

From there you’ll see multiple folders with two character names… Some, but not all, of the folders corresponds to one of the ‘LandscapeStreamingProxy’ in the outliner. Said another way, each ‘LandscapeStreamingProxy’ has it’s on folder in that directory. If you navigate through one of those folders you’ll eventually find a .uasset file.

Open the .uasset file in a text editor and search for “LandscapeStreamingProxy” . Compare the “LandscapeStreamingProxy_X_Y_N” name (in the .uasset file) with the one in the World Outliner. Make sure the names match up for landscape that you want to delete before proceeding!

If that file contains the landscape you want to delete in the World Outliner, navigate back to YourProjectDirectory\Content_ExternalActors_\Maps\YourMapName and delete the folder that contained that .uasset file. Launch the Editor and any reference to that Landscape should be removed from both the scene and the World Outliner.

I’m still looking for a way to do this in the Editor. I hate touching files because I always break something. :slight_smile: