How to add texture under grass tool

I got an landscape and master material for it. Which is including material functions and grass tool import.

The problem is that I add grass on my landscape but have no texture under it on landscape. First three material functions is using landscape masks. Thats why I can’t move it in priority at second, third and other sort places. How can I add texture under my grass?

It’s the other way around. Once you have a grass node, it will put the grass on the landscape for you, when you paint the layer the node is sampling.

You’re sampling ‘Grass 4’, this has to be the actual name of the layer you want to paint to get the grass.

You also have to setup the ‘grass type’ before it will work ( this tells the engine what meshes to place etc ).

You didn’t understood. I added already grass tool, and grass layer. And if you look at screenshots upper, I added it too. But it becomes with no texture under grass after I paint it. Under the grass all becomes black color under it, without any texture. In your example on video man added texture and it comes with grass. But my texture which is laying firsts not applying to this grass.

No, limit is not finished. Do I can to fill layer and after it in first material import mask from file to apply material by mask?

Ok, have you gone over your texture limit? The way to tell is to fill the landscape with the grass layer.

Can you paint the layer without the foliage?

What do you mean exactly?

Yes sure. I can.

Can you just paint that layer onto the landscape?

Ok, then the grass should now just appear when you define the grass node…?