How to add text in blueprint?

Hello, I dont understand how to use text in blueprint, for example im trying to create my main menu and I need to put in text and make it big and “pretty” but how do i do that from blueprint? thanks!

Hello KareemTheGod,

So the best way for me to give you some instructions on how to go about creating your ‘pretty’ menu graphics, and all the cool features that come with a great HUD and Menu system, would be to direct you to our Documentation on UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics).

Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer (UMG) is a visual UI authoring tool which can be used to create UI elements such as in-game HUDs, menus or other interface related graphics you wish to present to your users.

Here is the link to the Documentation page which lets you explore the specific asset you want to create. It will take you through how to create, customize, and apply them to your game.

UMG Documentation

I hope you find this helpful! Let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,