How To Add Target Layers To Landscape For Painting

I have a landscape created with the example grass material. I cannot find anywhere where there are instructions as to how to add Target Layers so i can paint portions of the landscape with other materials.

this should help you a bit, also there are many youtube tutorials how to add layers

The QuickStart/5/ shows that there should be soil, grass, snow layers under the Target Layers. There are none.

you have to create them

This is my Landscape Material
As you can see i created three Layers

After that i had three Target Layers in my Paint Option
Painting Our Terrain! - #22 Creating A Survival Horror (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube <- another Tutorial

I see. Is there any way to use the materials supplied with the 3rd person example? For example, one of the cobblestone material’s map is more complicated and has no levels that I can see. Or, do I have to start from scratch and create a new materia? Or, is there somewhere where I can get landscape materials that have levels? Or, do I create a new ‘landscape material’ such as the one above? Is there a way to create the above structure, but use a ‘material’ rather than textures? Thanks…

You mean you want for example take the cobblestone material and use it as Landscape Material aka painting your terrain with it?

Yes, painting in parts of the terrain. When I created the terrain, I set the terrain material to one of the grass materials. So the entire terrain is now grass. But I need to paint over places with other materials. If I can somehow use existing materials, then I do not have to spent the time now to create new ones.

I think you can only use one material as Terrain Material and have to specify like my picture in it which Layers you can paint

Got it. It works. thanks…

I got a quick question:

is there a way to paint unlimited textures on a landscape?
so far i think up to 12 or 14 was the maximum before you get an error if i remember correctly.
Also when i start painting on my landscapes, somehow, everything goes black until you paint on that area but it means you lose previous textures …


Re: question 2, try rebuilding the light.

Had the same issue - make sure you name the layers in the layer blend node (all default means nothing shows)
Naming them solves the issue

did you make your landscape mat from scratc or could you use the purchased materials pls

Greetings Im new to Unreal. Don’t know even If Im on the right post. This is my first project in unreal I took a revit project exported to fbx and put it on unreal. My question is. Is it possible to use my imported fbx toposurface and paint it with several different materials. I already did the material with grass and stone. I only can apply this when Im creating a toposurface in unreal. Please can anyone help? I need to paint my imported terrain from fbx and don’t want to create a fictional unreal one. Thanks

You could use vertex painting if you really have to use a mesh: UE4 Tutorial: Vertex Painting (AAA Games) - YouTube

You only get up to 4 layers the shader will be costly.

However, if your landscape is large, I would really recreate the terrain in Unreal as it is optimised for large distances out of the box.

I recommend you to set each texture at “shared:wrap” inside the Master Material.

Thank you so much! This is the real fix. Not just naming them, you should also follow the same layer names inside of each layerBlend. (Example in picture attached)