How to add tags to actors

is there any way to have a dropdown menu when assigning a tag to an actor?


currently i just type the tag and then use the ACTOR HAS TAG node

It would be great if you could create a list of tags in the Project Settings and then select them in your Actor Tags. But I believe you always have to type it in manually.

Maybe Epic Games should look into such an option.

Children inherit tags.

Alternatively you can create sets of tags in a DT/variable/array and apply them to any actor with Set Tags.

I’m not sure about the way some people work, but in my case if I know I would use similar objects a lot, I just create a blueprint with all the tags I need. If it’s something like a wall, I create it once and just copy it.

All I have to do next is change the digit in the tag if I need different values, like Button 0 or Button 1, and it’s actually faster to do so manually than to use any kind of drop down lists.

If someone creates all objects from scratch… Well, that person has all the time in the world.

Yup, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Also, there is an enumeration method that would work really well if only enumerator arrays were not plagued by a bug - reported on 4.20 and will be hopefully fixed in 4.21.

Then you can do this:


Currently, anything added to enumerator array returns NewEnumerator rather than a correct value.

I would like this feature. Also, a feature to set/remove tags using console commands (for selected actors).