How to add support for armabi_V7 architecture in my Unreal Engine 5 project

Hii , I am Using Unreal Engine 5 to build my project and the project will be build for android platform but Unreal is only allowing me to build for arm64 architecture.

how can I build the app in unreal to support armabi_v7 architecture as in my phone the project is not launching (which is of armV7 arch.)

If it cannot be done on unreal 5 then can any one tell me how can I add another architecture support to my app using android studio or any other application .

Launching the application with only arm64 architecture will discard the users with different architectures , so I need a solution to overcome this.

Thank you

if you decide this question in less than 2-3 years. I will be very grateful to you and even switch to ue5 :grinning:. Although I think that just by switching to ue5 you can forget about the old platforms … but maybe some super professional will help))

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I faced the same issue when I migrated my project from UE 4.26 to UE 5.1.
I could no longer use UE5.1 project to target armv7.
So essentially I kept two forks of the project, one for armv7 (using UE 4.26 / 4.27) and one for armv8 (using UE 5.1). Luckily I could migrate my assets easily from one to the other with a few problems. But that seems to be the only way to target armv7 androids now.