How to add "Sting" animations to the first person camera. (Jumping, idling, walking, running etc.)

Ok I believe that Matinee is made for primarily cut-scenes so it is not what I am looking for.

I would like to go beyond the rigid, static camera movement with the first person blueprint template and add some sting animations. Like Wiggling camera when player walks (Not Camera Shake, slower more and gradual/subtle) add some camera tilts during jumps, Add small camera movements when player is idle. Like first person camera is looking around . etc

These are sting camera movements and are supposed take place AS the player is playing. These are not cutscenes, this is meant for actual game-play.

You can have camera bone in the skeletalmesh hierarchy and attach the camera to it.

That way you can animate including camera motion.

Otherwise, new feature coming up very soon in the next release will be camera animation, where you import animated curve from Maya or any other DCC.