How to Add Spline Mesh Component custom static mesh

I want to decide the static mesh from the Blueprint’s Detail panel in the Editor window. How can be done? Thanks!

is how I did , it exposes both the Mesh and Material to be used with the spline, and can be configured in editor:

Surface Mesh & Surface Material are both set with Visibility set to Public so they can be edited from the editor.

And as you can see below, you are able to choose the mesh and material you want to use.

kind of spline tool is a great tool to have pre-made, being able to choose the material and mesh makes it quite valuable.

Let me know if you have any question!

That is precisely what I needed! Thanks!

Double thanks! I was having a hard time figuring out how to set that up.

It seems that half of these nodes don’t exist in later version, anybody have a way to do in 4.22 or what those nodes became?

If you’re referring to the nodes in 's screenshot, they’re still available in 4.22 & functional. You can find them if you drag out the “Return Value of Add Spline Mesh Component” node.