How to add spacing to buttons that are parented to canvas box parented to a vertical box?

I suppose like html I’m looking for padding or cell spacing, but I can’t find padding in the options of the vertical box. Any help is appreciated thanks!

You can do it on per element basis:

Some widgets, like grid / wrapbox have an additional inner padding setting. The vertical box does not. But every time a widget lands in the VB - a slot is created and you can manipulate its data.

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First off thanks, I was able to duplicate what you shown. But I still don’t quite know what causes / effects the spacing of each of the slots as they exist inside the Vertical Box.

I got something to do what I wanted called “uniform grid panel”, but for some reason I can’t get some of the buttons to work right. I watched things about widgets and once today had the default third person level loading at “start game”, but now its not even working on a new test project. I just made a thread about that.

What do you mean by ‘what causes it’? Punching in a value makes the element conform to the new restrictions. Top: 2 means this border leaves 2 pixels free from the top of its slot.

There’s a 4px gap between other elements because each reserves 2 from the top and 2 from the bottom - so the gaps add up in a way.

The short answer is, “uniform grid panel” accomplished the effect I was after precisely. I just meant how exactly that the objects are spaced. Seems much easier with uniform grid panel. However, I’m having some issues getting certain buttons to work in a menu widget. I can't get this button on this widget to open level - #5 by BizaaroGrodd