How to add sounds to animations in Paper 2D?

I’m trying to figure out how to trigger sounds within the blueprint whenever an animation is triggered.

For example, isfalling > playsound > wind-blowing

However, I’m having issues doing so and having lots of trouble finding any supporting documentation. This is a game being created in Paper 2D and I’m not sure if Anim Notify will work for me.

Thank you,


If you have proper animations you should be able use the animation blueprint with notifies, however I have not seen your setup. If you want the names of the animation/montage updated on tick you can do this (

), remember to write debug animation in console (How to determine the name of the animation that is playing? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums). Using variable like isfalling is based out of character movement and is somewhat limited, though could also be used. But those are set out of conditions rather then animations.