How to add Sound to Animation Montage?

Hi Guys,

Ok, I got my Animation Montage working just fine, but I am at a loss on how to add “Sound” to it?

I have things going on in the Event Graph as well as the Anim Graph is that where i need to add the Sounds?

Please any gudiance will be appreciated.


You can add sounds in the anim montage itself. Open the anim montage file, scroll down the notifies bar -> right click -> add notify -> play sound

Ok got it.
I am at where it adds a purple “play sound”, but how do I add in the sound? It doesn’t seem to be an option?

It’s on the anim track, but how do i “load” the sound?


Click on the PlaySound tag that appears on the anim track then look in the details panel (Window -> Details). There should be a Sound dropdown where you can select the sound file to play for this notify. You can also drag the PlaySound tag around in the track to position it to start playing at the correct time during your animation.

Ok, I found how to do it. It’s on the right details pane.

Thanks allot :),

Hello, a sceenshot could help?