How to add realtime VFX to 360 Stereoscoping content ?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to add interactivity to 360 Stereoscopic content. Simply I have a car and when I look at it the beam start to grow up and 1 sec later a UI is popping with several informations on it. The problem ? The beam is not at the same place between left and right eye and it causes eye hurting (really when you try to look at it, it hurts).

Anybody knows something to avoid it ? I think I can compensate with World Offset Position in the material editor but the calculation…

In the engine everything is made from the left eye, the last node allow me to avoid the offset when it’s rendering the left eye.

Here I’m trying to get the right vector from the HMD to get back to the left the beam of the distance between the eyes.

So if anyone knows the basic calculation to compensate the left/right eye displacement, I’ll buy him/her a drink.

Here is what I have on the left eye and trying to acheive

Here is what I have on the right eye

Hold the best,