How to add progress bars to a Vertical Box?


I am currently trying to create a cooldown tracker, which would simply be a list of progress bars being added to a vertical box. I have tried following this tutorial:

But nothing is showing up in the Vertical Box, even with random elements added to test it. Can somebody explain in more details what the steps are for doing this?

Thank you!

Hi timetravel,

That post you reference seems pretty solid, and in the comments they discuss getting the slot after adding the child and setting it to fill.

I think you will need to provide more information about your setup for us to be able to help you narrow down the issue your having. Could you provide the project? Or a more detailed account or the assets and blueprints you’ve made?

I’ve actually managed to get some help from my friend and it answered most of the issues I had so I will make this post as resolved. Thanks for your answer though!