How to add player icons to a minimap and also sizing the camera to the map help!

Hello everyone,

            First timer here who needs some help with a minimap. I have two questions, I hope that someone out here has the answers and is willing to share with all of us for future reference. *crosses fingers*
  1. I am creating a one level map, that’s multiplayer, so it’s kind of a larger size map. I need the map to remain stationary overlooking the entire area because of key elements in the game. With that being said, when I push play, I can’t see my character moving around on the minimap because the camera has to be up so high. My question is what do I have to do in order to see my characters movement throughout the map. I need player icons with faces on them for each human player, and also smaller icons, maybe colored and plain to signify other AI characters on the map. Any ideas?

  2. Also, this keeps bothering me and I keep trying to search for the answer; I also tried figuring it out myself but am unable. Anyway, the total area of my landscape is perfectly square. However, when I look at the minimap, the camera is really long and I cant get it to fit right…

Here look
As you can see, the blue screen(camera) fits the top and bottom of the green box (map) nicely, however the left and right sides are too wide and I cant figure out how to thin up the sides of the blue box in order to fit with the rest of the map.

If you need anymore information just ask. THANK YOU ALL JUST FOR LOOKING!

high five